Leica 750 Microscope 13613004/13613900

DM 750 Brightfield HI Plan Plan Standard Outfit with Pointer which includes:

  • DM 750 Right Hand Stage Stand with Standard Illumination
  • Add on Lens for Condenser
  • 4 Position nosepiece
  • Universal Power Supply plus USB Power with integrated connector
  • Mechanical stage with non extending rack and slide holder
  • LED illumination
  • Auto Off
  • Built in handle and cord wrap
  • Dust Cover
  • Manual 45 degree Binocular Tube with locking mechanism for eyepieces
  • Abbe Condenser 0.9Dry/1.25 Oil with slot for Phase and Darkfield Sliders and labels for matching Objective magnifications
  • 10X/20 Pointer eyepiece w/eyeguard 10X/20 focusing eyepiece w/eyeguard HI Plan 4X/0.10NA
  • 18.0mmW.D. HI Plan 10X/0.25 NA
  • 12.0mm W.D. HI Plan 40X/0.65 NA
  • 0.36mmW.D. HI Plan 100x/1.25 NA
  • 0.10mm W.D.
  • Oil Immersion Oil & US Power Cord
Price | 2,009.00 USD
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