Leica EZ4 Series Zoom: Model - 10447198

Zoom ratio 4.4:1 provides magnification range from 8-35x (with 10x eyepieces)
3 Versions available:

  • integrated 10x/20 high eyepoint eyepieces
  • integrated 16x/15 high eyepoint
  • eyepieces
  • open eyetubes

Eyetube angle of 60° is optimized for user comfort
100 mm working distance allows easy access to specimens
Integrated LED illumination system for incident and transmitted light
25,000 hours service life for LED"™s
No removable parts for highest reliability and less chance of broken or lost parts
Integrated universal power supply from 100V to 240V


Illumination:                      LED
Head:                                   Binocular
Eyepiece:                           16x/16mm fixed
Objectives:                        12.8x to 56x zoom
Zoom:                                  4.4:1

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