Leica DM 750: Model - 13613504/13613900

Versatile Possibilities
•    Standard condenser for magnifications 4x – 100x
•    Phase turret condenser for brightfield and phase contrast
•    Flip top condenser for low magnifications
•    The DM740 is available with a 4 position or 5 position nosepeice

Water Resistant
•    Special stage finish offers additional protection from friction damage

Energy Saving
•    Patented time delay shutoff saves energy by automatically turning off the illumination after 2 hours of no use

A+ Focus, Contrast, & Illumination
•    Weighted focus knobs provide inertia and extremely accurate focus capability
•    Koehler field diaphragm available as an option for optimum illumination and contrast

Shared Viewing Made Easy
•    Variety of viewing tubes provide free rotation while securely fixed to the stand
•    Standard viewing tubes with eyepiece locking screws to prevent loss of eyepieces

EZ Guide TM
•    Student friendly slide holder to prevent the slide chipping.

EZ Lite TM
•    LED illumination provides cool, white light with a lifetime of over 20 years average use.  No longer need to change lamps during lab time and save the expense of replacement lamps.
•    The cost savings pays for several microscopes over their lifetimes.

EZ Store TM
•    Integrated vertical handle provides easy carrying nad easy lifting when storing on high shelves; undercut on front of stand works in combination with the handle for safer, two-handed carrying.
•    Integrated cord wrap eliminates damage to microscope components from improper cord wrapping; vertical cord insertion prevents the cord from partially pulling out of the stand while in storage or in use.
•    The unique shape of the microscope stand protects controls from damage when microscopes are stored side-by-side.

DM750 Advantages

Mechanical stage has easy placement and removing of slides without damage to slide, also does not extend beyond stage which prevents damage.  LED illumination gives cool light; you will not have to replace bulbs as often and gives very even light across full field.  All brass gears allow for years of use without stage drifting and wear on the microscope.  Internal stop prevents slides from being broken plus student cannot flip a lever and change setting.  Just focus and you’re ready to go!

Superb Optics
•    Based on the same optical platform at Leica Microsystems’ research microscope line, students enjoy outstanding optical performance will full access to virtually all accessories from the Leica Microsystems microscope product line.  
•    NEW!  100x dry (no oil needed) objective provides very high resolution (N.A. 0.8) while eliminating the oil.  (option available)

SafeTStage TM

•    Microscope stage maintains it’s dimension, which eliminates the chance of injury from contact with a conventional stage rack.
•    Rounded edges are easy on the skin.

AgTreat TM
•    The spread of disease from surfaces is of great concern, especially in educational environments.  Leica Microsystems has integrated an additive so that all microscope touch points are treated to inhibit the growth of bacteria.  This helps to prevent the spread of disease via the microscope surface and leads to a healthier laboratory environment.


Condenser:      Abbe Condenser 1.25

Price | 1,905.00 USD
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